Trillium Morgan Horse farm History - continued

As these major activities require a lot of preparation and assistance, the Sampsons decided to acknowledge the volunteer spirit of those who have given so generously of their time and effort. They have presented the Trillium Fellowship Award nine times since its inception, including "In Appreciation " awards to more than two dozen people. This award ceremony marked the farm's commitment to recognizing the dedication of others who have contributed to its many appealing and successful yearly events.

More recently, the farm has formed two unique clubs. The Golden Stirrup Club invites and celebrates mature riders to join their social venue with everything relating to horses in some fashion. It is a busy and exciting club. The Clip Clop Club is dedicated to the education and exciting activities for our youth members. The main theme around all functions and special events is education of the young horse enthusiast to make them a well-rounded equestrian. Confidence, respect and responsibility are key elements of our program.



Beginning in the fall of 2006, the Trillium Equine Complex established a new and exciting program for under-privilege children. The HORSE Program is a free service offered by the farm for under-privileged children referred to the farm by registered charitable organizations. This is a three month complete riding and mentoring program offered for sponsored candidates. The motto of the program is spelled out in the following: H for horse, O for opportunity, R for responsibility, S for self-esteem and E for excellence.

The farm continues to raise fine Morgan horses that are now selling on the global market and offers breeding services in addition to their educational programs. The stable door is always open!