Christmas Cabin

The Christmas Cabin sits so cozy
My hands so cold, my cheeks so rosy            
Cowpony chomps the bit for hay
So with these words, I do pray

Please keep the winter cold at bay
Stars shining bright, lead not astray
And dust the trail oh so lightly
That we can still travel sprightly

Up and over the Utah ridges
Crossing natural God made bridges
Round the crooked path we wind
Standing tall, are guarding pines

Elk and deer we donít find
Jog on by with wary minds
Home to the Christmas Cabin we ride
Carrying a wrapped gift on the side

Music and merry I will plunk
Guitar and fiddle at my bunk
So please dear Lord keep us safe
As we ride ahead of the storm post haste

My horse is small but never a quitter
Regardless of the going & weather bitter
Keep his footing firm and steady
No wolves or cougars at the ready

Keep the sleet from my bending Stetson
As we prepare for winterís lesson
Through a maze of green fur branches
I peer warm light as a candle dances

Glorious cabin, now in sight
Bless you Father of the night
Youíve been our lantern in the dark
Our guide and protector of these parts

My prayer for help has been heard
Sweet as any singing songbird
Our Christmas Cabin sits so cozy
"Giddyup" my friend
No time to mosey.