The Legend of Raker's Christmas Angel


High atop a wildwood mountain
Crowned by leaves of golden autumn
Hanging jewels of crystal water
Kissed by winds of old Keewatin
Lives the radiant Christmas Angel
In peace and homage for the lowly manager
And in her hands lie strands of gold
The sovereign braid of life yet told.

She spreads her wings to take the flight
As did long ago that wintry night
Godspeed with her to that chosen farm
A Morgan colt whose gift sheís giving
The simple treasurers of life and living.

And as she looks to heavenís way
She knows she pleased his special day
Smiling St. Francis at His side
Blessing the creatures far and wide.

The Angelís journey now complete
The message delivered for those to keep
Brings hope and light to a world that cares
The meaning of Christmas, not want or despair.