Old Friend of Mine

Old friend of mine
Like an old fine wine
A good marriage of leather
We have been faithful together

You mold to my form
As if mutually born
The valleys and hollows
You so intimately follow

Sitting proudly atop
Many a horse we have taught
Strong and sturdy you stay
Keep me safe from harmís way

As a horse spins and dances
We have taken our chances
Still when all said and done
We always are one

My fingers trace
Your wasted back
Tired, imperfect
Still considered good tack

As you groan in complaint
Feeling the woes of restraint
With desert parched thirst
I will quench your skin first

No sham or imposter
Genuine bovine you foster
Natural fibers bred tough
That do battle the rough

Of trail dust and sweat
Of raindrops cold wet
Of sun burning hot
Of jarring horse trot