Pony Days- continued

Embraced by the salt
Of her hide white with lather
As the reins, flying mane
I do firmly now gather

The rhythm of her canter
As it teases and banters
Keeps us steadfast together
Oh, but to ride on forever

All full of our thrill
For this game of wind chasing
We retreat to a trot
With a change soon to hasten

The plodding walk welcomes
Mind and limb
Like a lullaby it rocks
In a cooling summer wind

The bridle drops
The halter’s caught
The fetlocks pulled
The pebbles culled
The curry strokes
A gritty coat
At last we’re done
The bridle’s hung

I guide her to
Her restful stall
Then gaze upon
A pictured wall

An ancient photo
Hangs in place
Of pony days
And a wondrous face

I caress the memory
With longing eyes
So long, farewell
And fond good-byes