This page is dedicated to those courageous Morgan Horses who made Trillium a global player in the equine world of outstanding show, breeding and pleasure companion horses.  More importantly, it is their contribution to humanity through their quiet dignity in perilous health, their untiring stamina to the will of the rider and their sweet resolve at the hands of their caregivers.  Their example has made all of those who were fortunate to know them in life, a more tolerant and caring person.  (Above, The Trillium Memorial Garden, established in 2001.)

Trillium OneofaKind 1984-2007 - Trillium Oneofakind (aka Sunny) was foaled on May 3, 1984. He was a very unusual foal in that his colour was in great contrast to his ebony black dam and liver chestnut sire. Sunny came wrapped in a blanket of gold and grew to a height of 15.3 hands. His grandsire, Chingadero the controversial cremello (near white) stallion of his day, was more or less responsible for this gene colour. As a result, we named him Oneofakind. As the years past, Sunny's mane turned to silver while his tail remained snowy white. This crossing of H-Loli and Lauralee Foxy Man continued to produce some unusual colour combinations as well as the standard, bay, chestnut and blacks.

Sunny was sold as a yearling and didn't see his home of Trillium until he was a senior citizen and had lived with a series of owners. His last owner at the time wanted Sunny to retire back to the farm where he was born and so we adopted Sunny back.

Sunny proved to be an excellent a patient teacher of novice riders. He was well liked and spoiled by everyone. This past summer, with advanced age, weight loss from a suspicious cancer, he was humanely put down after a week long struggle with impaction in his esophagus. The old boy left quietly for greener pastures, never to suffer again.